New review essay now available online

My recent review essay for Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith is now available online at:

It explores four prominent issues currently being discussed in science and theology concerning our understanding of human personhood (e.g., what it means to be a human person, are human beings unique?, etc.) and offers brief theological reflection on these themes.

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2 Responses to New review essay now available online

  1. Thanks for the post, Len. I do like James Smith and will check out his recent post.
    The paper on Newbigin was never really finished (it began as a chapter in my ThM thesis). Here’s a link to it:
    Take care!

  2. len hjalmarson says:

    Patrick, likely you follow James Smith, but if not will enjoy his recent post on “Christian Sociology”
    I would love to read your paper on Newbigin, “MIssionaries in our Own Back Yard” if you don’t mind sharing it 🙂

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