Is ‘homophobia’ a meaningless term?

The Associated Press recently removed ‘homophobia’ from its style guide, due to its (alleged) imprecision (what exactly does it mean?) and often derisive application (basically name-calling).

See the following link from First Thoughts (a blog on the website of the journal First Things):

What do you think? Is homophobia a helpful term or a hindrance to genuine dialogue?

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2 Responses to Is ‘homophobia’ a meaningless term?

  1. jwheels says:

    I find this frustratingly difficult. Do we stop using words that get hijacked by incorrect use? The term itself is laden with meaning, but its derisive use has obscured that meaning. I think that it still has great value for a more academic audience, but for colloquial use it holds about as much meaning as calling someone a “fag,” and it’s just as classy.

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