Eden Rahim on capital, philosophy and Kierkegaard

My friend David Peck interviews Eden Rahim, Portfolio Manager, & Options & Derivatives Strategist (and also a friend). Eden is a capitalist and a Kierkegaardian. Makes for some interesting conversation!

Here’s the link: http://www.davidpecklive.com/episode-6-eden-rahim/

Here’s a fuller bio on Eden:

Eden is a Portfolio Manager, & Options & Derivatives Strategist for almost 2 decades, though his undergrad is in Molecular Genetics at UofT. Currently, he is a Vice President with Horizons Exchange Traded Funds where he manages 13 Covered-Call Option ETFs on over $600 million in assets. Eden is an avid Indie cinephile, and struggling scriptwriter who has not yet completely surrendered his hopes. For the past 3 decades Eden has also ardently studied and collected the works of Danish existentialist philosopher Soren Kierkegaard, whom he attributes to be a major influence on his life. Eden can be reached via Twitter @EdenRahim

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