Gospel and social justice

A quote from Donald Bloesch:

“The evangelical movement today has admirably resisted the new trends in theology that reconceive the mission of the church as an exercise in social engineering. Yet in their worship and social programs evangelicals betray a subtle accommodation to the therapeutic culture of our time by reducing salvation to psychic wholeness and the church to a life support system in the quest for stability and peace in a world disintegrating into spiritual and moral chaos.”

– Bloesch, The Church: Sacraments, Worship, Ministry, Mission (Downers Grove: IVP,2002), 34.

A provocative quote! Is it true?

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2 Responses to Gospel and social justice

  1. I think he’s talking about its relation to culture (i.e., being devoted to a particular political party or something like that). I think what he says needs to be qualified a bit: the gospel is a political message (in the sense that Yoder argued in The Politics of Jesus).

  2. jwheels says:

    Isn’t the Church a new type of society? I can’t really imagine church, or Christianity, without some level of social engineering. What trend is he talking about?

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