Gutiérrez on speaking about God in Latin America

Our questions about God in North America (Does God exist? How is God ‘relevant’ or ‘useful’ to my life? Etc.) are not the key questions for most human beings living in the 2/3rds world. I like how Gutiérrez puts it:

“. . . the question in Latin America will not be how to speak of God in a world come of age, but rather how to proclaim God as Father in a world that is inhumane. What can it mean to tell a non-person that he or she is God’s child?”

– Gustavo Gutiérrez, The Power of the Poor in History (London: SCM, 1983), 57.

Lesslie Newbigin argued that we (westerners) need to read the Bible in dialogue with those who are reading it in radically different contexts, cultures, and life conditions. Their reading can help correct ours, exposing our short sightedness, egocentricity, and idolatry (even as our readings also have something to contribute). I agree!

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