The Cross and the Mission of God

The Cross and the Mission of God

he_qi_crucifixionFor the next four Wednesday evenings I’ll be teaching a class at Faith Covenant Church in Winnipeg entitled The Cross and the Mission of God.

Why did Jesus die, what did his death achieve, and how is this good news for all people?

In this 4-evening teaching series we will explore these questions by looking at various dimensions of the atonement (Christ’s dying for us) in Scripture. The Bible does not give us a single view of the significance of Christ’s death, but unveils a rich mosaic of images and metaphors that powerfully depict the relevance of the cross for us.

Through this study, we will seek to grow in our understanding of the cross so that we can love and worship God more deeply and share the wonder, beauty, and relevance of the cross with our friends and neighbours in a variety of practical ways.


  1. Introduction: The Atonement as Good News for Us and for the World
    Christ’s atonement cleanses and heals us
  2. Christ’s atonement restores our relationships with God and each other
  3. Christ’s atonement saves us from slavery to sin and evil forces
  4. Christ’s atonement removes our guilt and sets us free to love and serve God

* Painting: Crucifixion by He Qi

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