What comes first – worship, scripture, or theology?

liturgy border-2What comes first, worship, scripture, or theology? Does it depend where one stands in history?

Hauerwas writes: “In effect, the worship of the church created Scripture, though once formed Scripture governs the church’s worship” (“God’s New Language”).

Theology, then, is not a stage in this order, but an ongoing, dialogical, communal (church) practice of indwelling and enacting this relation. It is a faithful (biblical, historical, ecumenical), doxological, and contextual ‘improvisation’ on the great theo-drama that Scripture narrates (Vanhoozer).

(I’m currently reading through The Hauerwas Reader and will likely post random thoughts that occur to me here to stimulate thought . . . and perhaps revisit later).

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2 Responses to What comes first – worship, scripture, or theology?

  1. R.J. says:

    My Church of Christ friends/brethren (at least the conservative, non-instrumental ones) would love Hauerwas’ quote: “once formed Scripture governs the church’s worship”. It would support their stance against the use of instruments (works of our own hands, pagan-practice) in gathering for worship. There is no evidence of the use of musical instruments in the New Testament, ergo, there is no Divine permission.

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