Deeply Grateful

I am so thankful for the love, care, strength, courage, endurance, wisdom, and advocacy of my wife, Elena.

Many have been following my journey from death (literally . . . I was in cardiac arrest for 20 minutes . . . the first of several seriously dangerous health events, plus a sustained two weeks of pressed-against-death experiences that would take place over following weeks) back to life and recovery again. Thank you so much for following, for praying, for supporting, and for sending thoughts and well-wishes. I am simply blown away by the response.

If you haven’t been following Elena’s writing about this journey on Caring Bridge, I’d highly recommend it. While I had seen more recent posts in the past several weeks, I had not read the earliest entries until recently, when I sat (often weeping) and took in Elena’s vulnerable and often profound writing. She shares not only the events as they progressed, but also her own processing of grief and exhaustion, as well as moments of joy and gratitude, as she cared for me and tended to our children (amounts a million other things), all within the context of her deep faith. Her writing, and the many responses and comments, are truly inspiring. Truly a witness to the love and power of Christ-in-community.

For those interested, here is the link (you have to sign-up to get access, unfortunately . . . but it’s free at least).

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  1. R.J. says:

    SO GOOD to have you back on this site, Patrick. Ruth and I continue to pray for you, Elena, and your sweet children.

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