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The God Who Sends is The God Who Loves (new article on Trinity, Mission, and Participation)

I’ve just published an article on the Trinity, Mission, and Participation (or, more specifically: a trinitarian, participatory approach to missional ecclesiology). It developed out of a paper originally given at a Canadian-American Theological Association conference featuring Michal Gorman as keynote … Continue reading

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Mission & the Triune God (paper & response, open to the public)

Hey fellow pastors, church leaders, and theological thinkers in the Winnipeg and Steinbach (and broader Hanover) areas. Come on out to Providence tomorrow to stimulate your mind and be refreshed, meet with others, and discuss your thoughts. Perhaps join us … Continue reading

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My “Prov Talk”: Being Human, Being Church

Here is my recent “Prov Talk” on Being Human, Being Church (click the link below):

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Participation in God’s Mission conference

On March 19, I will be giving a paper at a theology conference at Northeastern Seminary (the event is co-sponsored by Northeastern and the Canadian Evangelical Theological Association). The keynote speaker is Dr. Michael Gorman and the theme is participation … Continue reading

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The Cross and the Mission of God

The Cross and the Mission of God For the next four Wednesday evenings I’ll be teaching a class at Faith Covenant Church in Winnipeg entitled The Cross and the Mission of God. Why did Jesus die, what did his death … Continue reading

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Lesslie Newbigin’s Legacy to missional ecclesiology

For anyone who might be interested, I recently posted a paper on Lesslie Newbigin’s concept of the missionary congregation as a precursor to the missional church. The paper is basically a revised (and slightly shortened) version of the first chapter … Continue reading

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A Non-Calvinist, Relational View of God’s Sovereignty (by Roger Olson)

Last week I attended the inaugural meeting of the Missio Alliance, a group of pastors, scholars, and practitioners that see themselves as post-Christendom Christians (many – but not all – with Anabaptist leanings, esp. regarding its counter-cultural aspects) and committed … Continue reading

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Why young people leave the church

I just posted a link on facebook (reposted here, for those who follow my blog but may not be on facebook). It’s a blog post from marc5solas on why young people are leaving the church in droves today. I found … Continue reading

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Who said this about evangelicalism? Rob Bell? Greg Boyd? Brian MacLaren? Tony Campolo? F. F. Bruce?

On Friday, I posted the following quote about evangelicalism, asking for your best guess as to who said it: “Today, Protestant [Evangelicalism] although heir-apparent to the supernaturalist gospel of the Biblical and Reformation minds, is a stranger, in its predominant … Continue reading

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“missional” made concrete

Bob Cameron, a friend and former colleague of mine, moved from suburban Mississauga to downtown Windsor (Ontario), to live amongst the vulnerable, the lonely, the needy, and the socially outcast. He and his family are there to serve, to reach … Continue reading

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