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I’m Convinced that the Evolutionary Paradigm of Human Origins is True. Now What?

I’m Convinced that the Evolutionary Paradigm of Human Origins is True. Now What? If one becomes convinced that evolution is real – it happened – what then is one to do with the Bible? With traditional Christian beliefs and doctrines? … Continue reading

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Coming April 2016

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On Reading Genesis ‘Literally’

In many popular debates between ‘creationists’ and ‘scientists’ over questions of origins (such as the recent Ham vs. Nye debate), one very important question rarely comes up. That question is this: How should we read the early chapters of Genesis? … Continue reading

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Why a Secular Society Needs Religion – my upcoming public lecture in Winnipeg and Steinbach

The recent controversy in Quebec over banning religious symbols among public employees raises serious questions about religious freedom – both its foundations and expression – in Canada. Does an atheistic starting point provide an adequate basis for religious freedom? Tolerance? … Continue reading

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What does it mean to do and study Christian ethics?

How to you react to the term ‘Christian ethics’? What comes to mind when you think of the term? What emotional response does it evoke? I never used to like “Christian ethics.” In fact, I was repulsed by it and … Continue reading

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What is an Arminian?

“Arminian” is a term often misunderstood and misrepresented, in many cases simply equated with Pelagianism or as denying “the doctrines of grace” (many don’t understand that it strongly affirms grace, but emphasizes ‘prevenient’ rather than ‘irresistible’ grace). Another common misconception … Continue reading

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My faculty page

I finally updated my faculty page (long overdue!!!). Check it out:  

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Lesslie Newbigin’s Legacy to missional ecclesiology

For anyone who might be interested, I recently posted a paper on Lesslie Newbigin’s concept of the missionary congregation as a precursor to the missional church. The paper is basically a revised (and slightly shortened) version of the first chapter … Continue reading

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Doing scholarship as a Christian: some good advice from Alvin Plantinga

I came across an article today written by Alvin Plantinga (the eminent Christian philosopher), in which he offers advise for Christians who want to study philsophy. I found his exortation to be refreshly freeing (and challenging too!). I want to commend … Continue reading

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Who said this about evangelicalism? Rob Bell? Greg Boyd? Brian MacLaren? Tony Campolo? F. F. Bruce?

On Friday, I posted the following quote about evangelicalism, asking for your best guess as to who said it: “Today, Protestant [Evangelicalism] although heir-apparent to the supernaturalist gospel of the Biblical and Reformation minds, is a stranger, in its predominant … Continue reading

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