Being Human, Being Church

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Being Human, Being Church

Our conception of human personhood deeply impacts our understanding and practice of community and church. In this rigorous work Franklin argues that ecclesiology needs to be informed and shaped by a robust theological anthropology.



“The theme of this book is that a theologically adequate doctrine of the church presupposes an equally adequate doctrine of the human person. The meaning of being human has a decisive bearing on the meaning of being church. This insight alone makes an important contribution to the contemporary discussion about the nature and mission of the church, no matter which part of the ecumenical mansion happens to be one’s home….

Franklin’s book on the nature of being human and its relation to the nature and mission of the church is a worthy gift to the ecumenical quest for a deeper and broader ecclesiology whose goal is to restore unity to a badly divided Christian world…. Readers would do well to receive with gratitude the insights Franklin’s book offers their own search for a richer understanding of the church.”

~ Carl E. Braaten, Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology of the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago and Founder of the Center for Catholic and Evangelical Theology

“This book calls exactly for what evangelicalism needs in order to reinvent itself: a return to the incarnation as the foundation for a robust ecclesiology based on a Christ-centered anthropology. It is my belief that Christianity will regain its experiential and intellectual relevance for our time once Christians recover and proclaim its ancient message that the gospel is all about fulfilling our common longing for true life by becoming fully human in communion with God. Franklin’s book is an important contribution to this task.”

~ Jens Zimmermann, Canada Research Chair in Interpretation, Religion and Culture, Trinity Western University

“Trinitarian love is not only God’s essence but also how God has chosen to relate to human creatures. This is Patrick Franklin’s basis for proposing a trinitarian anthropology-ecclesiology. Reading Being Human, Being Church will be catalytic for transformative participation in the triune love that witnesses to the world in anticipation of the coming reign of God.”

~Amos Yong, Professor of Theology & Mission, Fuller Theological Seminary

“The importance of human personhood for our understanding of the church and Christian life has been sadly neglected. Patrick’s theological study of high quality, with its practical relevance, brings this out for us. His rigorous engagement with theologians both ancient and modern will be of appeal to students of theology and experienced practitioners of the craft.”

~ Dennis Ngien, Professor of Systematic Theology, Tyndale University College & Seminary and Research Professor of Theology, Wycliffe College, U of Toronto (both in Toronto, Canada)

“It is rare to find a work that can be so thoroughly, deeply, informed, while also envisioning a breath-taking panorama. Here you have a sense-making and inspiring view of what the church is and can be, developed with subtle and fine understanding. Every line rewards attention.”

~ James C. Peterson, Schumann Professor of Christian Ethics, Director of the Benne Center for Religion and Society, Roanoke College, Salem, Virginia