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What Genesis Says (and Doesn’t) About Human Origins

Next Thursday evening, I’ll be giving a public lecture in Montreal on the early chapters of Genesis. Here’s the abstract: When Christians debate issues related to origins (age of the universe and earth, how creatures came to be: evolution vs. … Continue reading

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Bonhoeffer on Eve and Mary

I’ve been enjoying re-immersing myself in Bonhoeffer’s Creation and Fall. Just finished a section of a paper I’m writing on Bonhoeffer’s understanding of community, in which I analyze Bonhoeffer’s theological reading of Scripture. Here’s a wonderful little typological tidbit, reminiscent … Continue reading

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I’m Convinced that the Evolutionary Paradigm of Human Origins is True. Now What?

I’m Convinced that the Evolutionary Paradigm of Human Origins is True. Now What? If one becomes convinced that evolution is real – it happened – what then is one to do with the Bible? With traditional Christian beliefs and doctrines? … Continue reading

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On Reading Genesis ‘Literally’

In many popular debates between ‘creationists’ and ‘scientists’ over questions of origins (such as the recent Ham vs. Nye debate), one very important question rarely comes up. That question is this: How should we read the early chapters of Genesis? … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on the Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye debate and on young earth six day creationism

Last night the highly publicized and (for some) highly animated debate between six-day creationist Ken Ham and popular TV science personality Bill Nye took place. The debate and question period that followed lasted for quite some time, and much could … Continue reading

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Genesis 1: Getting the Focus Wrong

I came across an interesting quote from Daniel Block: “If we go to Gen 1 just to fight the evolutionists, the devil has us right where he wants us!” – Daniel Block (conservative evangelical Old Testament scholar) Why do you … Continue reading

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