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A Thoughtful Review of my Book

Thanks to Brent Rempel (PhD student at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) for his thoughtful, charitable, and constructive review of my book! You can read the review HERE. Advertisements

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My “Prov Talk”: Being Human, Being Church

Here is my recent “Prov Talk” on Being Human, Being Church (click the link below):

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Available Next Week!

“This book calls exactly for what evangelicalism needs in order to reinvent itself: a return to the incarnation as the foundation for a robust ecclesiology based on a Christ-centered anthropology. It is my belief that Christianity will regain its experiential and … Continue reading

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Women in the Church: Part 1

Women in the Church: Why I am an Egalitarian Part 1: Serving with Gifted Women in the Church Some time ago, a mother shared with me a story about how her daughter courageously shared the gospel with her friends at … Continue reading

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WOMEN in the life of the Church

WOMEN In the life of the Church: An upcoming series on women in ministry. Watch for it on Tuesday.

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‘Truth’ can hurt (and not always for the good)

“The gross distortions of Christian truth with which the church’s history is replete have often resulted from the misuse of good doctrines and not only from what we label false doctrine.” – George Lindbeck I just read this quote and … Continue reading

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What is theology and why do I do it?

Roger Olson has recently written three posts on the importance of theology, and of professional theologians, for the life and health of the church. He addresses popular misconceptions about theology, confronts the (evangelical) church about its neglect of (and sometimes even disdain … Continue reading

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Lesslie Newbigin’s Legacy to missional ecclesiology

For anyone who might be interested, I recently posted a paper on Lesslie Newbigin’s concept of the missionary congregation as a precursor to the missional church. The paper is basically a revised (and slightly shortened) version of the first chapter … Continue reading

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Who said this about evangelicalism? Rob Bell? Greg Boyd? Brian MacLaren? Tony Campolo? F. F. Bruce?

On Friday, I posted the following quote about evangelicalism, asking for your best guess as to who said it: “Today, Protestant [Evangelicalism] although heir-apparent to the supernaturalist gospel of the Biblical and Reformation minds, is a stranger, in its predominant … Continue reading

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Great post on what it means to be a “missional church”

Here is a link to a fantastic post on what being “missional” means. It’s by Len Hjalmarson, reflecting on a quote from Charles Ringma (my ThM thesis adviser from my days at Regent). Worth reading, as a healthy reminder, for … Continue reading

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