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Fred Sanders on the Trinity

Nice summary statement worthy of contemplation: “[T]he doctrine of the Trinity is more than just another doctrine on the list of true things we have been taught by God about God. It is God’s self-revelation by way of presence in … Continue reading

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Bonhoeffer on Eve and Mary

I’ve been enjoying re-immersing myself in Bonhoeffer’s Creation and Fall. Just finished a section of a paper I’m writing on Bonhoeffer’s understanding of community, in which I analyze Bonhoeffer’s theological reading of Scripture. Here’s a wonderful little typological tidbit, reminiscent … Continue reading

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In Need of the Spirit to Pray

“Paul’s ‘we do not know how to pray  as we ought’  has probably never been as relevant as it is today. We live at a time of spiritual drought. The images of the world which in former times spoke of … Continue reading

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Hans Urs von Balthasar – In the Son

Read this awesome passage today and thought I’d share it: “In the Son, the Father contemplates us from before all time, and is well pleased. It is in the Son that the Father can predestine and choose us to be … Continue reading

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Why Study Theology? A Word from St. Basil the Great

Why Study Theology? Well, I can think of lots of reasons. But here are some words from St. Basil the Great (330-370), Bishop of Caesarea and one of the famous Greek Cappadocian church fathers. “To count the terms used in … Continue reading

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Luther on the “Happy Exchange”

“Lord Jesus, you are my righteousness, just as I am your sin. You have taken upon yourself what is mine and have given to me what is yours. You have taken upon yourself what you were not and have given … Continue reading

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John Coe on the Temptation of Academia

  “As a graduate student at a major secular university, I experienced personally (and witnessed in my colleagues and professors)  the temptation of academia: to be fashionable in one’s observations and conclusions, to be flashy, to be the first to … Continue reading

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What comes first – worship, scripture, or theology?

What comes first, worship, scripture, or theology? Does it depend where one stands in history? Hauerwas writes: “In effect, the worship of the church created Scripture, though once formed Scripture governs the church’s worship” (“God’s New Language”). Theology, then, is … Continue reading

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Virtue and biblical interpretation

“But for searching and right understanding of the Scriptures there is need of a good life and a pure soul, and for Christian virtue to guide the mind to grasp, so far as human nature can, the truth concerning God … Continue reading

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The Lion and the Lamb

“He endured death as a lamb; he devoured it as a lion . . . . in being slain he slew death.” – Augustine, Sermon 375A

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