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A Thoughtful Review of my Book

Thanks to Brent Rempel (PhD student at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) for his thoughtful, charitable, and constructive review of my book! You can read the review HERE. Advertisements

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The Sacredness of Human Life

My review of The Sacredness of Human Life by David P. Gushee was recently published in Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith (the journal of the American Scientific Affiliation). In short, it is an excellent and thought-provoking book. You can … Continue reading

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Is ‘homophobia’ a meaningless term?

The Associated Press recently removed ‘homophobia’ from its style guide, due to its (alleged) imprecision (what exactly does it mean?) and often derisive application (basically name-calling). See the following link from First Thoughts (a blog on the website of the … Continue reading

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