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The God Who Sends is The God Who Loves (new article on Trinity, Mission, and Participation)

I’ve just published an article on the Trinity, Mission, and Participation (or, more specifically: a trinitarian, participatory approach to missional ecclesiology). It developed out of a paper originally given at a Canadian-American Theological Association conference featuring Michal Gorman as keynote … Continue reading

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Lesslie Newbigin’s Legacy to missional ecclesiology

For anyone who might be interested, I recently posted a paper on Lesslie Newbigin’s concept of the missionary congregation as a precursor to the missional church. The paper is basically a revised (and slightly shortened) version of the first chapter … Continue reading

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Eden Rahim on capital, philosophy and Kierkegaard

My friend David Peck interviews Eden Rahim, Portfolio Manager, & Options & Derivatives Strategist (and also a friend). Eden is a capitalist and a Kierkegaardian. Makes for some interesting conversation! Here’s the link: Here’s a fuller bio on Eden: … Continue reading

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Why young people leave the church

I just posted a link on facebook (reposted here, for those who follow my blog but may not be on facebook). It’s a blog post from marc5solas on why young people are leaving the church in droves today. I found … Continue reading

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Is ‘spirituality’ in general a good thing? One study suggests perhaps not.

Is ‘spirituality’ in general a good thing? One recent study in the British Journal of Psychiatry concludes: “People who have a spiritual understanding of life in the absence of a religious framework are vulnerable to mental disorder.” An interesting conclusion. … Continue reading

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Who said this about evangelicalism? Rob Bell? Greg Boyd? Brian MacLaren? Tony Campolo? F. F. Bruce?

On Friday, I posted the following quote about evangelicalism, asking for your best guess as to who said it: “Today, Protestant [Evangelicalism] although heir-apparent to the supernaturalist gospel of the Biblical and Reformation minds, is a stranger, in its predominant … Continue reading

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Can you guess who said this about evangelicalism? (no googling!)

Can you guess made the following statement about evangelicalism? No googling allowed – I just want to hear the first guess that comes to your mind. Share your reactions to the quote as well. On Monday I’ll reveal the answer … Continue reading

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Great post on what it means to be a “missional church”

Here is a link to a fantastic post on what being “missional” means. It’s by Len Hjalmarson, reflecting on a quote from Charles Ringma (my ThM thesis adviser from my days at Regent). Worth reading, as a healthy reminder, for … Continue reading

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Where you start determines where you go . . . and something else.

A thought occurred to me yesterday as I was walking from my office to the student centre at Providence to have lunch (funny how ‘revelations’ often hit us during ordinary or even mundane activities – walking, taking a shower, etc.!) … Continue reading

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Is ‘homophobia’ a meaningless term?

The Associated Press recently removed ‘homophobia’ from its style guide, due to its (alleged) imprecision (what exactly does it mean?) and often derisive application (basically name-calling). See the following link from First Thoughts (a blog on the website of the … Continue reading

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